How to install Tomcat Server on windows(for beginners)

Prerequisite:- Make sure that you have java development kit(JDK) installed and configured.

Step 1) Go to Google and search as

Step 2) Click on “32-bit/ 64-bit Windows Service Installer(pgp, sha512)”.

Step 3) Then go to download folder and double click to open & click “Next”.

Step 4) Click on “I Agree” and set type of install to “FULL” as well click “Next”.

Step 5) Actually, by default port for tomcat server is 8080 but I have set up Jenkins at port 8080 so I changed my port to 6060, you can keep as same 8080 if you want after that just click on “Next”.

Step 6) Then go to “C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation”. Inside Apache Software Foundation folder you will get Tomcat folder as Tomcat(version) — >bin — >Tomcat8.exe.

Just click on “Tomcat8.exe” & start Tomcat server.

Step 7) Then go to on Google Chrome then type “localhost:6060” or “localhost:8080” then press enter

You have successfully configured & installed Tomcat. Now Apache Tomcat is successfully running.

Thanks for your patiently read !!!

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